How to change the drop down selected value on another drop down changes

I had a drop down and based on the 1st drop down changes (assume i have selected 4th option) then i want to set 2nd drop down selected value (on the form load it should display Empty) to 5th one.

you need to do something like this:

But in the on change action of the 1st dropdown, you need to drag a refresh data widget (to update your 2nd dropdown) with filters to make what you want and then na ajax refresh to update the 2nd dropdown.

I hope it will helps you.

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Nuno Pereira  

Hi Naveemkumar,

Use the OnChange action of the first dropdown. In that action you can set the variable that's used by the 2nd dropdown to the value that you want it to have and use ajax-refresh to updated that 2nd dropdown.


Hi Team, i did on Change event and its assigning the value to a variable also but NOT changing the 2nd drop down value. Its staying on the old (default value) only. Kindly suggest me how to change the 2nd drop down value on 1st Drop down values selection changes.


Hi Naveenkumar Akula,

You need to do Ajax refresh of Combo box 2 after assignment of new list.


Hi Team,

I have done Ajax refresh and please see below.

When the form is loaded initially it is loading with 1st value of the drop down (On Form load I set Identifier value as Null of 2nd Drop down) and now I am changing the 1st drop down value of particular value then in the 2nd drop down is changing to desired value but again if I change my 1st drop down to other than the earlier selected value then 2nd drop down value is NOT changing. Please advise.


Hi Naveenkumar Akula,

Its very difficult say what is the issue, Please share OML if not confidential.


Hi Sravan,

Here I am attaching oml file, kindly check and help me.

Hi Neveen,

Can you check 2nd time on change weather below values updating or not. 

I have tried to tun the e space but its throwing error while publishing.