How to disable service center error messages

I'm wondering if there is a way to disable the error messages we are getting from the Users espace.  We are seeing the message "Invalid username or password" that is originating from the Users module.  This is because we are using Active Directory authentication.  Our users aren't prevented from logging in, but this error message is filling up our logs.  I did find these settings in ServiceCenter but I haven't changed them from the defaults: 

Hi Rebecca Hall,

I'm sure, service center don't have option to disable error messages. If you want to monitor particular errors then we have filters to apply and check.



one way to solve the problem and I must say it's not the most elegant way, Is to clone users espace and search for the messages and remove them. Then in your application change user provider module to the cloned users espace.



Hi Rebecca,

Did you try to uncheck the auditing and activity logging to check if it solves your problem?