JWT Token Validations with Outsystems Patching 10.0.1005-2


After upgrading the patch to 10.0.1005-2 in production environment, we have seen an issue with the application OpenID_Connector(this was developed by Our project team).

This OpenID_Connector application is using JWT Forge component which was downloaded from the Outsystem Forge.

This JWT component is used to verify the ID_Token in order to login to the applications. There ID_Token validation is failing and giving invalid token error when access the application.

Is version 10.0.1005-2 compatible to this component? But strangely in lower environments this issue didn't occur! 

Why because after roll out of change, issue is solved(ID_Token is getting validated successfully) and able to login to the applications.

1. Validation flow in OpenID_Connector in below screenshot


 2. VerifySignature server action is a function defined in JWT fordge component and below is the code present for the id token validations.

Could you please help me on this.

Thanks in Advance!

Best Regards,


Hi Arshi,

You will be better to post questions regarding a specific component - on that forge component. That way the authors will be notified and can help. Since you are talking about an issue with a component that you created as well as a forge component, I am not sure how best to help you other than point you in the correct direction.