I have an application that implements a progress bar during a csv import process. When each line of a CSV is processed, it increments a progress counter and updates the UI progress bar, which originally worked great. 

I upgraded to the latest versions of Silk, Dublin and service studio but at some point this functionality just stopped. When I debug I can see the variable value getting properly set but for some reason doesn't properly get passed into the widget any longer for some reason. 

I've created a very simple stripped-down version of my process in the attached OML. If you add breakpoints you can see the loop is setting the variable's value properly, but for some reason the ajax isn't working inside the loop. For another reference, I added a button to just increment the variable by one, then ajax refresh and that seems to work okay. 

I've tried reverting the versions of Silk, Dublin, Service Studio, and even adding the Outsystems UI progress bar, with the same results. Let me know if you have any ideas, and thank you in advance!

In your sample, I am not sure if the sleep command is messing it up. Without the sleep (which I don't have on my server) it works just fine

I just added the sleep to emulate the processing I have going on of my files to take a little time. If I take that sleep out, it just goes quickly to 100% and I can't see each increment easily. 

Feel free to add something else that might take some time other than the sleep, to see if it works. It's really weird as it worked great for 6 months but just stopped for some reason.