None of the column headers match with the record attributes

[Using Outsystems 11.0.406.0]

I have a "ProductionData" Entity a Long Integer Id and other attributes are text

I'm trying to upload this excel and convert it to Record List using "Excel to Record List" widget


Here is the Server Action

and the Screen Action

I keep getting the error "None of the column headers match with the record attributes" whether I upload the 1st or 2nd excel file.

Hi Jordan Poloan,

Keep debug point and check the source record of CreateProductionData what exactly its taking or you can paste screenshot that source record here. It should give us a clue.


It doesn't go to CreateProductionData, I put a breakpoint in ExcelProductionData and after clicking Step Over, it goes to AllExceptions exception handler of the Screen Action ImportExcelCopy

Hi Jordan,

Your excel parser doesn't have Sheet name it may be the issue.
Could you try again after defining your sheet name also?

With best regards,
Ferhat Karatay


I just found the problem. It has something to do with the name of the "Excel to Record List" action. When I dragged it to the work area I renamed it to "ExcelProductionData", as a result it automatically selected the "ProductionData" entity as the Record Definition. When I renamed the widget action to ExcelToProdDataList" and manually selected the Record Definition again, it worked.