Uploading a no of files for a single id

how can I store a number of files under the same attribute for a particular ID(for example I want to store 4 or more comments(attribute) for a particular ID in an entity..how can we do this?

Hi Subham,

I guess you need a master-detail table structure.
Let's say you have 2 entities.

1 Product
2 ProductPicture

Your table will be like following; (master-detail)

1. If you edit a product, you already have ProductId from the query string just you need to assign ProductId of Image structure then upload.

2. If you create a product, first you need to create a product then you should assign ProductId from CreateOrUpdateProduct.Id (output)

With best regards,
Ferhat Karatay

Hi Subham,

Since it looks like you need some help with data relationships I'm recommending you this training material