Display filtered records in Table Records based on selection of another Table record

I have placed a button(Line Items) in Table Record instead of expression. If I click that button it should display records in another Table Records/ Record list on the same page. Can you please help me to do this?

Please see image below

Hi Mahesh Rajmane,

When you click the button, you should fill your list underneath and refresh it. Is your list underneath, is bank list or a local variable list?
If it is of local variable, just fill in and an ajax refresh in the table, if it is a list coming from bank, that when you click the button must create in the bank first, then you must give an ajax query in the query that fills your list and an ajax refresh on the table.

Hi Bernardo Condé,

Actually, both the lists are separate tables created in MySQL. I want to use the primary key(invoiceId) of the first table('transaction_invoice') to display to display relevant FK records available in another table('transaction_invoice_line_items'). Tables have 'one to many' relationship.

I have tried to get data using aggregate by passing 'invoiceId' in filter through variable TransId(Text). But it is not working. Variable is not storing the current id of the first table. Please suggest another way if my approach to getting data is incorrect. 

Below are images for better understanding

At the click of 'Line Items' set Action 'RefreshTransItem'

Is TransId2 used in the filter section of GetTransactionInvoiceLineItems_Filter2?

TransId2 should be the input parameter of RefreshTransItem and you can pass FilteredLineItemsTable.List.Current.transaction_invoice2.id, but it should not be done in the function, because in here it gets the last id of FilteredLineItemsTable.List.transaction_invoice2.id.