Hi all,

I've implemented a popup via the RichWidgets Popup Editor, the well-documented 'standard' way. It opens fine, and displays its' content as expected.

However, when I open it, close it, and attempt to open it again, it navigates to the popup screen as if it were a different screen (full screen, the URL of the popup screen shows in the browser). There are no errors in the browser Console (Chrome) at this point. Trying to then close it via the button bound to my screen action doesn't work, because I get the following Error: parent.RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_Close is not a function.

Opening another popup window does still work, by the way - unless it's been opened once already.

Does anyone know why it behaves this way (and how to fix it)?

Dear Monique,

Will you be able to provide a sample OML file that having the issue. 


Mohamed Hakkim.

Hi Mohamed,

Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide my OML, as it is a project for a client. 

Thanks for offering to think along!


Hi Monique,

Do you anywhere refresh parts of the Screen after you close the pop-up (in an On Notify Action)? Note that if you do, you should always refresh the Button or Link together with the Popup Editor Web Block (e.g. via a Container including both), as otherwise the link between Button/Link and Popup will be broken (since refreshing generates a new Id).


Hi Kilian,

That's it, it works! Super useful to know the bit about generating new Id's, too. Thank you so much!

You're most welcome :)