How to set multiple Web service name spaces within one Module


We have developed different SOAP consumer web services for different SOAP web services of external systems.

Now we try to build a mock application in OutSystems to simulate the external systems SOAP web services.

The problem we run into is that we have to support different Target name spaces, but in OutSystems there can only be one Namespace of the WSDL generated. 

How can we support multiple target name spaces? or is the only option to have for each target name space a seperate module with SOAP web services?



Some questions:

  • What version of OutSystems / Service Studio are you using?
  • Are you exposing or consuming SOAP web services in this application?
  • What is the desired end result? That is, what purpose is being served by having multiple namespaces in the SOAP service?

Hi Andrew,

  • The customer is on version 11 and latest service studio.
  • It is about exposing SOAP services, there is an OutSystems limitation of one Targetname space, which is a design time property at espace level.
  • The purpose is to be able to generate SOAP xml that have multiple names spaces.

We try to create a mock application that simulates an external systems that provides SOAP services that have multiple names spaces. OutSystems is now limiting us to make multiple modules with SOAP services based on namespace.



Is there any update on this.

We are trying to do the same.

We are trying to create a SOAP endpoint that conforms to the Saleforce Outbound SOAP message WSDL.