outsystems11 - DB Configuration


We are planning to move our applications from onprimise to Cloud environment(Outsystems 11).

We are using Oracle database for the application in the existing onprimise environment but once we move these applications to cloud,is it possible for us to use same oracle database connections or do we need to move database also to the cloud environment. Please clarify on this.

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Hello Kiran,

Yes, you can continue to leverage your Oracle database from the OutSystems cloud.  The only requirement is that you must establish a VPN from the OutSystems Cloud and your internal network.  See here for more information on setting up the VPN: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Set_up_a_VPN_to_your_PaaS/03_Set_up_a_VPN_connection_to_OutSystems_PaaS

Hi Kiran,

This is better discussed with OutSystems Support. I assume you already have contact with them about the move to the cloud? Why not take this up with them? Note this is the Community Forum, not the Support channel!