[Google Maps Library] Google maps is not working properly

Forge Component
Published on 2 Oct by Labs
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Published on 2 Oct by Labs

Hi Team 

i am using the same component.i have the proper latitude and longitude.i dont have api key.because it is not free.for poc purpose i have to develop this application.is it possible to load google map in mobile app with out API key.other wise every time i am getting below screen

passing parameters are given below:


how are you testing the app? You generated the app, installed and tested?


now its working.prevously it was not working because of  Outsystem now.now i generated native app.now its working


Exactly, with this plugins you need to generate and install it again, you can't use Outsystems now. Good work!

Just a suggestion but be sure to check out Leaflet as well. It's privacy friendly and supports lots (if not all) of the features that are expected of a map component.