[OneSignal Plugin] OneSignalAPI - "Device" entity is missing after upgrade to latest version

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Published on 2019-12-05 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-12-05 by OutSystems R&D

We have developed application using Device entity to get the userid, deviceHardwareId. But after upgrade, this entity is missing in from the OneSignalAPI module. Pls advise any new parameter replaced it / steps to solve this problem. Thanks.

Hello Ryan, 

One question, after update what, the plugin? 

Correct, here is the plugin involved.

Also, attached the Entity > Device which found missing in latest version.

So,  when you Selected the Device entity at the "Manage Dependencies", and you refreshed it, you continue to have this errors, right?

But you are able to find the Device Entity in Data tab inside of OneSignalAPI, correct? Like that:

If yes, you can go one by one in the errors, and selected again the right attribute on this entity for each case. The error could be related with change in the name of the entity or something like that. 

Yes, we already refresh all reference after upgrade OneSignal Plugin in our development environment, but we cannot find the "Device" Entity inside inside OneSignalAPI.

The previous screen is captured from our Production environment where no upgrade is done yet.

Here is the one from dev. Pls further check and advise any replacement for Device Entity in the latest version so that we can update the code accordingly.

Only BatchType and DeviceType is available.

We will use 2 attributes in the Device entity. They are UserID and DeviceHarewareID for instant message notification when there is a new application created in our credit control system

fyr, Here is the code using Device entity in our application named CCS.

My suggestion is try to install a older version of the plugin in dev, to see if the entity is available. In my personal Env, yesterday, I installed the last version of the plugin for Outsystems 11, and the entity is public and is working fine.

May i know which exact version you used that Device entity is available??

Version 2.1.0 - Outsystems 11