Hello, I am new to building apps. I have a project in my math class to create an app for extra credit. I have watched a few tutorials and webinars and this seems to be a little over my head still. Can anyone give some pointers for getting started? I have started building the main screen. I only need the app to do one specific thing. I am taking Ordinary Differential Equations and this app should be able to assist the user in solving certain problems. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

Building apps with OutSystems is not as easy as installing Service Studio and watching a few tutorials, you actually need to develop software. If you've never done that, it's a bit difficult to get you started. Your questions are of a very general nature, and other than "take the Mobile Developer guided path", I'm not sure what to advise you.

Hi Jason,

it sounds to me like you would be better off with any of the computer languages geared at math/statistics problems.  

see this link for a comparison at their abilities to solve differential equations :