Storing the excel data into Database with different Header

Hi guys,

here is the scenario where am getting the Data from Excel  and store in the database with different headers as shown in the below Excel image,

Can we try with the Excel Component(Cell WritebyIndex) Can you please let me know the process or mokeup oml.

Note:Am using Exceltorecordlist So my Headersshould match thereby am trying this scenario

Thanks in Advance...

Data Coming from Excel
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Need to  store the data  with the change in  Header Name(Eg:A,B,C…)

Hi Sadihar,

After the excelToRecordlist i assume you have a foreach where you write each record in the list to your entity.

Add a local variable with data type set to your entity.

Before the create of the entity record you can add an assign with on the left the local variable, on the right the current record from the list. 

If correct you can now map in the properties the list current record attributes to the attributes of the local variable. Then use the local variable as input on the create entity action.



Hi Daniel,

My Excel header and target Entity headers are Different.

Thereby getting the error as NO COLUMNS matches

so to overcome this am trying to overwrite the excel header with the target header after taking the backup of Header into another entity and the use Excel to record List

Could you share the oml?

Hello Sasidhar,

Assuming that you Excel file always has the same header row you can define a structure that matches the excel file. 

In your Excel to record list you can use this definition.

And then it is what Daniël posted, create a assign that maps you recordlist variable to your entity variable 

Hi Sasidhar Reddy,

You marked a post in this discussion as solution, but I do not understand what the solution is that you implemented. As far as I see you only describe a problem.




Hi Team,

I used the Excel Component to read the header from the excel(Input)and stored in the Header Table(Database) Separately.

Later I had overwritten the header in Excel with my Common Structure then used the Excel to Record List as now I had fixed structure  and Load the Data