Please let me know the following definition method:

?Drag the OrderProduct Entity to the Preparation flow to create an Aggregate. Add the Product Entity to the Aggregate’s sources and make sure the Department Entity is also joined.

?Filter the Aggregate by the OrderId specified as the Input paameter of the Screen.

Hi Kusaka Yui,

Did you have gone through online training? If Not please go through it.

First, you should have  OrderProduct, Product and Department entities in your data tab.

After that on the screen where you want to show the data add preparation. Add entities and filters to the aggregate.



Hello Kusaka, 

If you have gone through training you should not get this question, Still here is an answer to your question:

1. On Preparation, Drag and drop OrderProduct entity as below.

2. Then open GetOrderProducts, The newly created aggregate.

3. Drag and Drop Product entity under Sources tab like below. Also, see Department entity is also joined here.

4. Click on the Filters tab and then Add Filter and then create condition as below.