how to print barcodes using Avery 5160,Avery 5196 and Dymo 30324

Hi Team,

I am using "JsBarcode.all.min.js"  for generating the barcode for my app. Now, I want to print the barcode on layouts as follows  Avery 5160, Avery 5196 and Dymo 30324.

Is it possible? If Yes, then can we give the option like Paper Size, Margins, Barcode Dimensions, No. of rows and columns. And how can we implement it?

The output should be like this:

Thanking in advance.



Hi Amreen,

We have some experience with printing barcodes via a Dymo label printer. It involves setting up software on the client machine the label printer is attached to, and Dymo-specific Javascript.

Note that everything needs to be client-side, as the server itself isn't attached to the printer, obviously, and can't reach your client to print something (which is good :)).