[ManageSecurityProtocols] SNI support

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Published on 2016-10-25 by Messias Peralta
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Published on 2016-10-25 by Messias Peralta

Hi! Is it possible to add SNI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication support to this component?

Hi Dan,

Hope you're doing well. :)

Clearly, that wasn't a use case that we covered. I can't answer right now if that's possible and how, but I'll have a look into it and share my findings.


From my analysis, I believe that .NET already covers the SNI support since .NET 4.5+, by default. 

By simply setting the Security Protocol to TLS 1.2, you should be able to send the Server Name Indication (which will be the hostname specified for the web request).

One way to confirm this is by using Wireshark (or similar) to see the actual packages which are sent, where it's expected to see a Client Hello with the Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension.