Can anyone tell me where to find the following action/function: BuildSafe_InClauseIntegerList

It is supposed to replace the deprecated function VerifySqlLiteral.



Hi Andy,

They're in the same location as VerifySqlLiteral, viz. the Sanitization Extension:


What version of the platform do I need?

Quick Google leads here:

New in Development Environment 10.0.1004.0

  • Deprecated VerifySqlLiteral action from Sanitization.xif in favor of BuildSafe_InClauseIntegerList and BuildSafe_InClauseTextList. Both actions will be available in Platform Server Release Jan.2019 CP2. (RRCT-2108)

Ok, that's easy for the users that are on version 10.

I'm on version 11. Google leads me to this page.

I can't map the Releases to my OutSystems version.

That's a common complaint :). (Vote here for an improvement.) Here's the version overview.

Thanks, Kilian! 

I found out that I need to be atleast on version 407 while I'm still on 406, even though I have automatic updates in place. 

To me it even feels strange to deprecate something without having the alternative in place yet.

That's indeed a bit weird! Glad it's resolved now :). I'd be happy if you could mark one of my answers as "Solution" in case they helped.