Store data in Outsystems Entity or in SQL Server database


I am a newbie in Outsystems and i am designing an application that uses SAP functions. This works fine. But i need to store additional data. What is the best practice? Should i store these data in a Entity or in a SQl server database. the largest table will contain about 30.000 records.

Thanks in advance

Huub Keulartz



Hi Huub Keulartz,

As per my knowledge i will suggest you to use OutSystems Entity instead of the  SQL server, Because there is no need to create Api's  for CRUD operations for  Entities in OutSystems, which helps in reducing development time.




Hi Huub,

An "Entity" is just an abstraction for a Table in a database.
So, when you create an Entity, the system will create a table in the database that is setup for your application, usually the system database, that can be SQL Server (most common) or Oracle.

So, I would say that if you don't have any special requirements, it is safe (and easier) to use entities than to use an external database.


Koushik and Eduardo

Thank you guys for your (with the speed of light) answer!