Getting Disk Error while importing excel file by upload excel widget

Hi All,

I have a upload excel widget in my screen where user can import an excel file with 21 columns, among that one is mandatory field.

1. I want user to upload the excel sheet containing those 21 columns. If the no of columns is less in the file the application will show a message. 

I have implemented the logic in the application using the excel package. But while importing the file if I put the columns lesser than 21 to check the validation it is showing :

A disk error occurred during a write operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8003001D (STG_E_WRITEFAULT))

Otherwise the file is getting uploaded perfectly having all the columns and with other validations working as expected.

You may want to create a small OML that reproduces the issue, along with a representative excel file (or files), to aid in troubleshooting.