Is it possible to translate / localize the contents of the "users" module?

Hello all,

I was wondering if it's possible to localize or translate the contents of the "users" module (and other modules by outsystems while we are at it)?

I am working on a project where all the content is in german, except for the things we added as dependencies from the outsystem modules. This is jarring to the customer when you have a few cases where your notifications, validation messages etc are suddenly in english, it looks like shoddy programming. While we can use the translate function to translate the content of any screens and webblocks we use, this apparently does not work for things like exception messages that are only found within the actions of the dependency. We can work around this to some degree by intecepting those messages and replacing them with a german version, but so far we have been surprised by english content a number of times and can't really tell how many more interceptions we need to worry about. 

So my question is twofold: Can we use the translate function on those modules and if so, how? Or is there a way to get or make a localized version of those modules? I am not specifically looking for a german version, I realize that there probably hasn't been a need for one so far and I'd be happy to do the translations myself. But to do that, I need to know what is possible first.

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Hi Michael,

There's this topic, that has gone a bit stale, dealing with exactly that. I would like to ask you to post in there, and in case you don't get any response from OutSystems within say a day or two (not counting the weekend), please PM me, and I'll try to tickle some OutSystems people (in fact, I'll tickle them anyway, but it's better to use that topic since it's the closest to something "official" we have).


Hi Kilian,

thank you, the topic being stale probably accounts for me not being able to find it during my searches on the forum. I'll read what's there and add any further posts and questions to it.

Best reagrds,