Auto fill feature in Data Grid

The new data grid module in OutSystems is really good, however I cannot find an "auto fill" feature in the current version. Anyone knows how to implement the "auto fill" functionality in OutSystems data grid?

A simple example is I need to use the grid to create a new product with product code, product description, product cost, sale price and trading margin.

I only want user to fill in product code, then the data grid can auto populate the product description based on a reference table. I also want user to fill in product cost and sale price, then the data grid can auto populate the trading margin based on a formula.

Can anyone tell me how to do it using the new OutSystems data grid? If the current version does not have this feature, is it possible I can modify the existing data grid module, and add this "auto fill" feature? If yes, what is the best way to do it?



I am not sure if OutSystems data grid is a best practice to solve your specific problem. Maybe you can use a different approach.

For more info: 

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. 

The main reason we want to use data grid is we need to enter and edit data in bulk. We tried OutSystems Editable Table control which can do "auto fill" but lacks the "bulk input and edit" feature. 

Hope it makes sense to you.



Same question here.

Is there anyway to trigger an event when the cell editing is done (e.g. hit tab to move out of the cell)? Hope the event can trigger the server actions to populate the rest of cells in the current row.

Or maybe do sth like mirror data grid. Left grid past a few product codes and the right grid populate the rest of data?

Any idea?

Hi Alan, George

I have the same question. Did your problem solve ?