[FullCalendar 2] Exception when CurrDate() is made as the default date in FullCalendar

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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe


I'm getting an exception as shown on the below screenshot when default date is set as CurrDate() in FullCalendar.

In environment configuration Date Format is DD-MM-YYYY. When the this configuration is changed to YYYY-MM-DD it works fine. But we cannot change the date format as it is depended with other applications. Could someone help me with this at the earliest. Thanks in advance.




Hello Diyab, 

You can try to adapt the component to receive text instead of dates.This way you could use the format date function to format the text in way the library uses.


Miguel Amado


Hello Diyab, one suggestion. If you don't want change the format date everywhere, maybe you can only change the format here, to send it to the plugin. 

Like that, you can continue use the CurrDate() function but before you need to convert for the format that you need with this function:


Maybe like that we don't need to change everywhere and you have a solution for the calendar issue.

Thank you for the responses

You can also fix component module and wait for a release with it solved.