Resources get lost when deploy to another envirionment

We upload Excel templates at the 'Data' 'Resources' for uploading data.

We choose the "Deploy to target directory" option at the Deploy action.

As soon as we deploy to another environment, like from development to Production, they disappear. to another environment

Are you saying that if its in development and working properly, then you use lifetime do migrate to QA it no longer works in dev?


In the screenshot service studio, i dont see the excel file in resource folder, can you verify

1) environment:


3) Data->Resouce folder - file EmployerUploadTemplate.xlsx exists?

or send me screenshot of file located in resource folder, for more analysis



Please see image and template (resource data file) attached.

We create an xls with the template of the country data we want to upload, see attached.

We do an "import resource" of "Countries Upload template.xlsx" at the Data,

and one can see the file is currently there.

We create a local var with the file name, e.g. "FileNameCountriesUploadTemplate" and give it a default value of this file name as at Resources.

We add a link to the "Download template" to download the xls template from Resources.

When user clicks on link, it must download a copy of the template from the Resources.

We have 3 environments, DEV, QA and PROD.

They files did NOT get lost from DEV when we deployed from DEV to TST, but they got lost when we deployed from TST to PROD,

(only the imported images at the resources remained.)


First let me clear, 

1) In your first post you saying file "EmployerUploadTemplate.xlsx", is not found (404 erro), and in the printscreen in resource section this file is not found.

2) in the last post your are have many files in Resource section includes "EmployerUploadTemplate.xlsx", and your are talking about other file "Countries Upload template.xlsx", and your saying lost again, what is the error, its again (404 error?), and what about "EmployerUploadTemplate.xlsx"? still having error.

3) if this is the error verify if space in the file sometime will have problem based on characterset, normally browser will convert space to %20, but confirm what is url is rendering.

4) Check if its any permission issue in outsystems zone level (like internal zone), since its backoffice it maybe have restriction in iis to download files.

if possible send me screenshot of "Countries Upload template.xlsx" with error in browser.



Hi, I made new print screens and started a "fresh example" of "Countries upload template".

Yes, we have a couple of templates imported at Resources of which Employer is one.

First screen shot is where all were lost again after our deploy to PROD, and the 2nd one is where I imported them all again.