Call for Speakers - Tech Talks at NextStep


With a day and a half of technical talks at NextStep this year, we have more than 30 sessions to fill. 

We want YOU to be part of the action and get up to the NextStep stage. 

There are two types of talks: 

40-minute, long-format talk that focuses on broad topics like architecture, web, mobile, containers.

15-minute, "lightning” talks that focus on a specific tip or action, such as "how do I use the events from web blocks that were released with OutSystems 11?”. 

Ready to pitch your talk? 

Get started by selecting which event you're interested in, set up your account with Sessionize, and pitch away! You'll need a session title and description, plus we ask for additional notes to help us understand the talk better. Additionally, we ask for your speaker bio and photo (don't let either of these stop you from submitting!)

You have until May 3rd to apply.

Denver - Oct. 2-3

Amsterdam - Oct. 29-30

Pitch for Denver

Pitch for Amsterdam

We look forward to seeing you at NextStep!