[Report System] How to generate PDF for non anonymous web screens ?

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Published on 13 Apr (9 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 13 Apr (9 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes

Hi Leonardo,

Is it somehow possible to generate pdf for web screens that require authentication? i.e that are not marked as anonymous?

Report Manager and project web screens are all located in the same domain.

Thanks in advance,

Sérgio Silva

Hi Sérgio. It will be possible to do that, on a future release.

For now, you can work around that by creating a short-lived token before the call to PrintPDF, commit the transaction, then pass this token into your web screen. The web screen should validate the token against the database, and reject if it doesn't find it (or if it is expired).

I'll let you know when I release that feature.