Using List Box as table filter

I am trying to filter a table using the selections from a list box.   I have created a boolean attribute in my aggregate to determine if the username is selected (see below).   And my list box populates with the correct universe of user names, but when I select them and then step into a screen action I'm not seeing the isSelected attribute toggle to True.

How should I go about gather a list of selected List Box entries so I can pass it into the table aggregate filter?   Thanks in advance for your assistance.


How much data will possibly be in the list returned from the aggregate? How many selections possible in the list box? I ask because there are different ways to approach this. With not a lot of data, I would use the initial aggregate and bind it to a local list variable.  Then use the selections from your listbox to filter the list value and bind the filtered list to your table.  


I would anticipate around 200 user names in the list.   We want to allow the user to select as few as 1 user and as many as all users.  

In short, this is a case tracking table and we want the team leads to be able to drill into a single users activity or see everyone on their team in a single view.

Can you share a simple OML that reproduces what you're seeing?

In the meantime, you may also want to check this thread to see if it helps:

So that is 200 user in the selection list. What about the other table? the one that you are filtering?

To be honest I'm not sure how many records will be in the other table.   We are doing a proof of concept right now so I have no historical data to put the size in context.   I am constraining the records to 7 days by default and 1 month at most.   So I'd guess worst case maybe 60,000 records would be displayed in that table.  (If all users are selected and a month of data is requested)

I can create an OML but I'd have to do it from scratch because our data is linked via a core module so by default no data would be included in the OML.   I will review the link provided and see if I'm still stuck.

I see what I was doing wrong now.  I appreciate the feedback!