IDEA Deleted - My Idea got deleted without my intervention

My Idea got deleted, I'm not able to see idea any more.

Original Idea : 

" Null Assignment - Should be able to assign null to object "

This is really crazy


Hello Sravan,

Are you sure your idea wasn't merged instead?
Probably there is already an older idea about this. In this case, the moderators would merge your idea with the older one. 

Please, verify if you didn't receive an email about this.



Hi Eduardo Jauch,

Yes I got mail saying it got merged with another idea, still wondering why they removed from my profile.

What is the need of removing it from profile ?


Sravan, when you are building a FAQ page do you keep every question ever made, or only the first example of each?

1) There is no need to store every variation of the same content.

2) It is not practical for the readers to see duplicates.

OutSystems is trying to get the best and most demanded ideas to improve the product. Having two similar sugestions the votes would be split among them and both ideas would seem irrelevant. This way there is only one idea for OS to keep an eye on and one idea for voters to push up.

Your input is considered in the body of the idea and you get notifications as if it was yours. But it is not an original idea, therefore, you don't show as the author.

Hello Sravan

This happen very often (It already happen with me). As Nuno said, it makes must more useful for the users. 

But your contribution is always welcome!