Hi everyone, 

While analysing my application in Lifetime analytics I've noticed a discrepancy between what I expect and what I see in Lifetime Analytics.

I have a business flow where the user passes through a bunch of forms and then arrives at a successful submission page and I log this success in the General Table (service center). From exporting these messages to an excel I get let's say 1000 submissions.

When I let all the statistics run through and select the same time frame in Lifetime Analytics I go an drill down to the preparation of my successful submission page and the number of hits it displays is much lower than the 1000 hits I should be expecting from my logging into the general table.

Why does this happen? 

Does anyone know if OutSystems only shows some of the hits, or if it only logs some of the hits?

This kinda sucks because I was planning on using preparation hits as the same as page visits for reporting purposes and since discovering this discrepancy it seems I can't.

I tried to also look on the documentation and videos but also didn't find any reference regarding what hits get logged or what hits don't get logged.


Hi João Nunes,

Service Center will show logs only 4 weeks old, I think the might be an issue.

Have look of this url, you might get some info around.




Thanks Sravan that helped.

It seems I can't use the OutSystems log tables as I wanted.