Changing the 2nd drop down value on 1st drop down value changes

Hi Team,

I am trying to make selection change of the 2nd drop down on 1st drop down value selection changes. 

Presently on 1st drop down value change event i am assigning a variable like below and after selection changes it is showing the value also in debugging but that selection is NOT changing in the 2nd drop down. Kindly help me in this.

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request.income_categories_1Id = 

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If(SelectedPropertyTypeId = IntegerToIdentifier(4),GetIncomeCategoryByStaticName(Static_Name:"[112] Retail Rent-Speciality"),NullIdentifier())

Hi Naveenkumar,

First, never ever ever use something like IntegerToIdentifier(4) in serious code. Yeah, I know, you're probably trying to limit AOs by using Entities instead of Static Entities, but it's really, really ugly code that's badly maintainable. Don't do that. EVER.

That said, did you Ajax Refresh the second Combo Box?

Hi Naveenkumar Akula,

In change event you need to make sure below activity is done

1. After getting new list assign the list to variable which you are using to show data in Combo Box 2.

2. As Kilian mentioned need to do ajax refresh then only it newly assigned list of data will populated in Combo box.


Hi Sravan,

I am doing that Ajax Refresh but still it is NOT changing the required item selection. Could you help in this?

Hi Naveenkumar,

Without an OML it's difficult to tell what goes wrong. It's all pretty standard: OnChange on first Combo Box, Screen Action to change the Variable bound to the second Combo Box, refresh second Combo Box.