Hello I have a problem with my application

that when calling a screen pop up to cancel several

data selected in a tabel record it generates the following error:

404 - File or directory not found.

The feature you are looking for may have been removed, changed, or temporarily unavailable.

One of the approaches I tried was to check the references, but

I did not get anything, because they were all updated in this module.

Can someone help me.

And because it is an enterprise application I can not give much details or print screen and post. But if anyone has an idea please help me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Without more information, it will be hard to help you troubleshoot.

I would recommend you see if you can create a separate application that replicates the issue, and post the OML here. If what you're trying to do works in isolation, you may be able to compare the two applications to see what's different.


Hey Pedro,

Perhaps you made a typo in the url or there is something off about your parameters?

Please note that using a list on a webscreen for instance, can be a cause of the page not working.
This is because you can only enter so many characters in the browser url and at a certain point it is cutoff, this might result in a 404 error where the server does not know what to do with it.


There are a few things that can happen here 

  • if you are using a external url, you may had a typo on the url
  • if you are you using a screen referenced from another espace make sure if both espaces are correctly deployed

But like Andrew said, without more info we are here just guessing

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your support. In fact what you are all reporting is the probable cause of my error. Because I'm passing these ids as a parameter to another screen.

For an hour to solve the problem, I'll probably save this ids in the database and in case the user decides to delete them, then just there, I'll do the search and get the values again and I'll continue the flow.

Many thanks to all for the support.