[Azure Cognitive Services Connector] Azure Video Indexer

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Published on 20 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rui Parente
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Published on 20 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rui Parente


I would like to know if you have any plans for the component to support the features of Video Indexer - (https://azure.microsoft.com/pt-br/services/media-services/video-indexer/) ??


Hello Paulo,

We have that service in our backlog, but currently it doesn't have a big priority.

Do you have any use case for this or are you just exploring?

In case of a real use case, that could be a good reason to raise the priority in the backlog.



Bruno, I work for the Brazilian government. At the moment we use the azure facial recognition api in a project with outsystems. We have another project in which we are dealing directly with Microsoft and some partners that will use Video Indexer. The functionality of Video Indexer in the component would be an interesting alternative to already know the component here in the forge. So despite being a real use case, at this first moment I'm just speculating about this functionality.

Thank you for your attention.


Thanks for the answer. We'll consider it in our backlog prioritization. Meanwhile, if you need anything related with the Face recognition API, please let me know.