[Azure Cognitive Services Connector] Problem 401 (DescribeImage from ComputerVisionAPI-Azure Cognitive Services Connector)

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Published on 20 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rui Parente
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Published on 20 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rui Parente

Hi everyone!

I tried to use this service (azurecognitiveserviceconnector) but in have problem with a key of computer vision api.

I put the key on the https://xxx.outsystemscloud.com/ServiceCenter/ >espaces >Site Properties from microsoft azure, but the key don´t work.

I get the key from microsoft azure in my free account (7 days) and I can´t integrate it with Outsystems

My aplication is mobile and my flow is:


and the error in my phone is: 


aditional, we have problem with parameter "ImageUrl" from the action "DescribeImage"

Is there any manual example of how to integrate Azure recognition in Outsystems?
I could not install azure cognitive samples


Hi Paulo - which region did you create your key? The region you create your key and the region configured in service center for the APIs must match. 

Hello Paulo,

I'm trying to create a mobile app with your use case and I'll share it with you as soon as possible.

Regarding the 401, have you changed the endpoint at service center for computer vision? I can see by your print screen that you are at central US and the connector's default is WestEurope.

Check here if you have 


Finally it worked!

the problem was the default URL. 


I'm glad it worked!

Keep up the good work!