i am trying to make DB conn but its not working and not showing any messages . how to connect DB connection.  

Hi Harish,

Are you saying that pressing the "Test Connection" button doesn't do anything? No error message nor success message?

Hi Kilian.

"Test connection" button is working but no error messages nor success messages. when i click on "Test connection" button then only loading is appearing after that its stop as shown in screen.

Mmm, I've never seen this before - are you sure it's not just "loading" for a long time? You should see this message if everything's ok:

When the server address is incorrect, it keeps loading for a long time (showing the yellow spinning "Loading" message in the lower left corner), then display an error like this:

Yes sir , only showing the yellow spinning "Loading" message in the lower left corner and after that stop without any messages

Mmm, never saw that before. I'd advise you to contact OutSystems Support.