I am configuring create appointment action .I am not sure whether I specified service url  correctly


I getting the following error 

The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.



Hi Pavani,

A 404 means you didn't specify the right URL.

HI Kilian,

Is there any format for specifying the url or I can directly place the url that I am using to connect.

Hi Pavani,

I'm not sure I understand you. Are you calling a REST method? How did you specify the REST URL? Did you change the REST URL afterwards in Service Center?

Hi kilian,

I really dont know why you are asking to call the rest method.Please say in detail

I am actually asking about createappointment action available in ExchangeWebServices

I have clearly specified all the inputs but I dont know why I am getting the 404 error .

Is there any changes to be made from servicecenter or to include any extension.

Please help..

Hi Pavani,

I didn't know you were talking about a specific Forge Component, I thought you were interfacing the REST API yourself. In general, you should ask questions about a Forge Component in the Component's subforum. I see you also already did this, but since this an old, no longer maintained component, I don't think you'll get much reaction there.

So in this case, you need the right ServiceUrl. Googling a bit, the default seems to be "https://<mail.server>/ews/exchange.asmx". Replace "<mail.server>" with your mail server.

Hi kilian,

Yesterday ,I have tried this url. Even this is also not working.

Any other alternative..

Hi Pavani,

Please use Google, searching for "exchange service url" (without the quotes). I found several pages explaining how to find out the URL.