Consumer module not visible in Producer module as entry point for debugging


While going through the web developer online course,in the debugging and monitoring section,its mentioned that we can debug a producer module when a request is initiated from the consumer module.

For that to happen, we need to choose the consumer module as entry point in the debugging section in producer module .

In the web application i made,i cannot see the option to select the consumer module as entry point in the producer module.

Do i need to make some configuration for that to happen?



Hi Indranil,

This usually means that you published the Producer Module after publishing the Consumer Module. This will create a new version of the Producer, that isn't consumed by the Consumer yet. To fix this, publish the Consumer Module last.

That said, in rare cases this doesn't solve the problem you're having. It may help to close Service Studio, then open it again, but sometimes that doesn't help either, in which case there's little you can do about it, unfortunately.