GetEntryURL() how to handle optional date parameters

I am using the GetEntryURL to link modules.   One of my modules has optional From and ToDate parameters.   I cannot figure out how to call the service to get the URL and leave the Dates blank?   For optional Strings I can enter "" and for integers I can enter 0 but date doesn't seem to like either of these options.

Also, is there a way to configure more than 5 input parameters?   The page I'm sending to has 7 input parameters... I can get by with 5 but I was wondering if there is some way to add additional parameter to GetEntryURL.


For optional dates you can use NullDate().

And if you need to exchange a series of dates between 2 screens, you can create one only text parameter, and send all the dates serialized (like joined by a character you can handle in the other screen`s preparation)


Thanks!   I didn't think about just making a single delimited input and then handling it in the preparation.