Hi Dev team of Outsystem,

I have an error, and I do not get how can I resolve this, the error was "Invalid Data Type

'Generic Record List' data type required instead of 'Boolean'."  I am currently on the tutorial which is the Actions and Code Reusability. I have error these variable OutputList and and the Element Counter < Rating. Please help me to resolve this issue, thanks!


Hi John,

The Output List must be of type List of Boolean.

You probably are using an Assign to assign the result of the "Counter < Rating" expression direct to the OutputList. But what you want to do is to append the result of this expression to the List. To do that you need to use the ListAppend Server Action (It is in the System module if you need to reference it). You set the List (OutputList) and the value (your expression) than in the assign you increment the Counter.

Hope this helps.



Hi Eduardo thanks! I do not notice the type of list. What I did was I click the Boolean for parameter. Thanks so much!