[Active Directory] AD Groups inside Groups

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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta


In some architectures, there is a AD Group tree, with several levels.

We are using the ActiveDirectory_GetAccountGroups action of the Authentication extension.

It turns out that this only returns the children of that same tree, not being able to obtain the main group.

Is there any way to get it so we can mapping AD groups to those of the platform, instead of children?

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Hi Ivan,

Not sure how the ActiveDirectory_GetAccountGroups from the Authentication extension works, as that comes bundled with the platform installation.

As for the Acitive Directory forge component you could use the AD_GroupsGet which should bring all the groups under the active connection regardless of level. That should be enough to use the result to match the groups from the platform if you want.

Hi Renato,

Thanks for the quick response, but I've already tried all the actions within your component and unfortunately didn´t find what I'm looking for.

Imagine that you have a user with a group in the root called "Approver", and within that group you have another called "Requirement". When I'm looking for the group of this particular user, I can only see the "Requirement" group, and I can not see the main group "Approver".

This is the problem...

Best regards

Sorry to hear that, but I understand your point. Don't know how to solve it though :(