I want to know all about outsystems

Means Software requirements nd how to install

Where I can get the software? 

Is this course enough for doing job as a web developer? 

Please guide me

Hi Satyanarayana Madiraju

if you are ann aready experienced developer, you can go throug the guided paths and you should be able to contributeon a project.
If you are new to any kind of technology, it helps, its a starting point but then you need more work


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You can go to outsystems.com and press the "Try for Free" button.

It will take you to https://www.outsystems.com/home/GetStartedForFree.aspx. And what is that at the bottom?

So there you can see the requirements, get the software and learn OutSystems.

If it is enough to do a job, is up to you!


Do check the below links and you will get all the required details

Software requirements

how to install

Where I can get the software?

Is this course enough for doing a job as a web developer?
--Yes, it is, if you are a developer, you can go through the course and you able to build a project.


Follow the link 


to get complete online training for the outsystems.