Fetch the data structure of an Outsystems structure

Hey guys,

Trying to create a generic app for the forge, and it would be very nice if I could find a way to fetch all structures defined by the developer and display their data structure to the end user. (I don't want to spoil too much, don't want people stealing my idea since there's nothing like it on the forge yet, so I want to be the first haha).

Alternative is to let the developer either create Entities to mimic the structure (yugh) or to upload the structure as JSON in a seperate "Structure" entity. I would ike to avoid this as it would require more work on the developer part, whereas the above idea (fetching it from an Outsystems system table) would require no additional installation.

Where I can find the names of all structures, but not their definition....


Hi Joey, 

You can replicate what is done on Outdoc, i know it's complex logic, but its actually the only place that i saw that something like that is done



Ah I see!

Thanks Domingues!

It seems in Outdoc they fetch the binary of the Espace (current version I assume) and do a ton of XML magic to get all data from it.

I guess my application will have a dependency on Outdoc then...


I wen't with the same problem in a recent lilte project of mine