Page Main content resize after Language change (translation)

hi , i came across this problem and iwondered if anyone here had the same issue. 

the thing is...

 when i change the language, set onlyby the system built-in action setlocale, my main content shrunk.

i didn't change Css or positions of anykind. 

Could it be the change of numbers of Characters change ? 


Thank you in advance :)


Hi José,

To actually change the language on the screen, you either reload the page or AJAX refresh everything? If so, are there other variables that change? Is English always wider than Portuguese? Can you use the browser's devtools to see why the containers are sized differently?


I sorted out by going to the devtools , like you sugested, and saw that my css was translated too ( my bad!  ) 

thank you very much for your quick reply and willingness to help :) 

Continue the good work ! :)

Hi José,

Glad I could be of help. Happy coding! :)