Service Studio threads (a module tab) silently crashing and restarting


I am creating this post to see if others have simular problems that we experience with version the lastest versions of Service Studio version 11. (501, 503).

For time to time when working in a module, especially when adding/editing comments in an entity diagram, service studio becomes unresponsive for 20 to 30 seconds. Then it gets responsive again and everything seems to work.

What happens however is that we see in the taskmanager that a system dump is being generated.

Then when publishing the module changes, we get a error

'Concurrent Publishing. Your module is currently locked by another operation. Please try later. This error occurs when a concurrent publication succeeds'  

When closing Service Studio, their keep one or more CEfSHarp.BrowserSubprocess.exe (part of Service Studio) processes active. Sometimes even ServiceStudio.exe remains in memory.

We then have to kill all those processes, goto service studio and publish the latest version.

Anyone experiencing the same behaviour. We already have a support case open to OutSystems, but would like to know if this is a more common problem at the moment.




I didn't noticed this at all, but I'm mainly using the beta version those days...