Expose Outsystems API to PHP?

How do I expose the movie API so that my other application (created in PHP) can consume?

Hi Christopher,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean: the movie API is consumed by an OutSystems app, so a PHP app can consume it as well?

Hi Kilian

Thank you for responding fast. I wasn't clear. I am new to API and i wanted to know how to properly and securely expose the api i write in Outsystems so that my other web app (written in different languages) can consume it.

In Integration > REST > I exposed REST API "Person" with a API Method "Detail" (HTTP Method "Get", URL Path="/Detail"). 

Q1) How can I return the details in JSON format?

I checked the documentation at 




and also the thread where you had responded to the OP,


Q2) Where can I get the postman tool that Daniël Kuhlmann mentioned?

Hi Christopher

I don't want to create more confusion but if the output of the rest is a structure you will have the json format.
So basicaly if you want to return a record for exemple, with the Name and Age you can create a structure with the fields that you need, like the image

And then in your rest action you create an output with the type of the sctruture that you created.
When you call the action you will have the ouput in json format.

For your second question you can sreach in google for postman but the link is https://www.getpostman.com/