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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa
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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa

We have our app equipped to use Firebase Mobile with the files in place for lower order environments and the production environment. Everything appears to work - the app builds, we are able to receive notifications (with custom notification icons, I might add) and we are gathering analytics. This is working for both configurations (dev and prod). When we try to upload the iOS app into the app store to start testing, however, we are getting the following error messages:

This bundle is invalid - The Info.plist file for /Payload/Forever is missing or could not be read.

Invalid Bundle - The bundle at '/Payload/Forever' does not contain a bundle executable.

Has anyone experienced this before? I have confirmed the zip file contains our .json and .plist files as expected. We are also using the technique found at to add custom icons to the notifications. The app still doesn't publish when we try to deploy without the dummy-plugin referenced in that post.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. 


Okay, so after a lot of work our team finally worked out that the issue is exactly as we expected - because the name of the app bundle id ends with .app, the app store automated code review system was detecting this folder as another app within the primary app (.ipa files are pretty much just a well-structured zip file). Since this folder did not have all the required files to be a well-formed app, iTunes was rejecting the entirety of the app. 

We could not afford the delay of service to change the bundle id of our app, so we went ahead and adapted the plugin to use zip files in the root of the app payload instead of deployed into a folder. The naming convention remains the same, but, for example, we just had a zip file called in the root level of the app. 

This solved our issue temporarily, but for all people experiencing this issue in the future: DO NOT INCLUDE a folder in your app where the last part of the name is .app, otherwise you will not be able to get the app into the app store.