Input parameters for entity actions

Hi All,

I was doing the courseon mobile certifications there in an exercise I could see that passing the valuse to an wrapper action which holds entity actions as individual parameters are good practise instead of passing as a source record.

Would like to know the reason



The answer is giving in the same place were is said it is an OutSystems best practice:

NOTE: This Action has a considerable number of Input Parameters, which
represent the necessary attributes to pass the information to the server to
create a new ToDo. As an alternative, we could pass an Input Parameter of
type ToDo, with all information encapsulated in the Record. However, it is an
OutSystems Best Practice to not pass records as Inputs, to avoid passing
redundant information and large records. For instance, to create a ToDo we do
not need the Id or even the UserId, since those are created within the wrapper.