No more updates to Personal Environments?

In the beginning, Personal Environments were always being updated to the latest version, many times before being released to the public. The idea was to test the new versions in the PEs before making them available to the paying customers.

Now it seems it's the other way around. A lot of new versions are being released to paying customers and Personal Environments are not getting maintenance anymore.

My environment is still in version, this is from around September 2018. In the meanwhile many Platform and LifeTime new versions were released.

Should we expect more maintenance releases to Personal Environments? Or just one version per major OS release?

Or are the Personal Environments being slowly discontinued?


Hi Carlos,

Very good question. I've passed it on to OutSystems.

I am also interessed the the OutSystems view to the above question.


Hi everyone,

We have indeed changed our priorities regarding version updates. Right now, paid customers are the first ones to be updated as you mentioned.

Nonetheless, we are not going to discontinue PE and the update plans are already being reviewed.


Thanks for the update Vera.


After we launched Personal Environments we saw our community grow, and they began to do a lot more than we had envisioned originally. Personal Environments are key to our product strategy and we will continue to invest in improving them and keeping them up to date so our community can always benefit from the latest and greatest. And like we said when we launched, they’ll remain free forever. 

OutSystems has been investing in accelerating the cadence of delivery to the community and during last year we managed to break some hard product dependencies. The result is that most new capabilities are now being delivered on a regular basis - namely via Service Studio, Mobile Builder Service, and the OutSystems Forge - without the need for frequent platform upgrades.

That said, recent platform updates do include a few improvements and relevant bug fixes that we want you to benefit from, so we will proceed with the upgrade of all Personal Environments later this month, starting May 22.



Great! Thanks for the update Nuno.