i have one scenario.I have one application and from that application  i want to open another application URL.i am using submit event against Link Button. i want to add header for the Child URL which is called from parent application.I am using ardoHttp and HttprequestHandler.but header is not working.header is not reflecting.please find the attched screenshot.

Hi Arkyadeep Bharadwaj,

You have to build the headers list first and then set them to HttpPost:


i have done already.can you please check the screenshot.

It looks that the way your setting the list of the headers is causing problems. 

Can you try and create a local with the type of HeaderList and append the header record to the list, and then just set the list as a input.

Edit: A couple of collegues of mine had come across similar error. So if what i sugest work, plz report that to Outsystems.