increase text length of a site property variable


I have a site property which I use to store the analytics script. I would like to increase the length of this , as sometimes when my script becomes huge it cuts in between when i see that in service center.

I am not storing the site property to any DB . Its just used as a site variable and is performing some actions. Any pointers please.


Well, for one, I wouldn't store actual code in a Site Property, it's simply not what they're meant for. In the database, the value of a Site Property is limited to 2000 characters. There's no way to circumvent or change that.


Hi Tanuj Agarwal,

Did you consider to have the script in an expression, and use the site properties only to maintain properties to include in your script (as an url for example)?

I would not change the site property too often though.

Hope it helps, regards!