How to set combo box when editing record

I am sure this must be easy.  I have a simple form for addresses.  On the top of the form there is a combo box that allows the user to select from Home / Work / Mail address types.  They then fill in the form and complete the address.  When they press the save button at the bottom I clear the form and the address then appears in a Table record below the form using Ajax.  This then allows them to add a second address to the list and if need be a third. i.e. Home, Work and Mail addresses.

In the Table Records I have added a link to allow the user to edit the address if need be.  On clicking the link it runs a screen action that assigns the values from a get record action then fills the existing form with the details from the fetched record to allow them to edit the information.  The issue I have is how to set the Combo box with the correct address type.  I have tried all sorts of things but it always just shows my "Special List" value of (Select Address Type).  The address entity has an attribute to the AddressType static entity.

All thoughts would be appreciated.




Without further details on the screen action, and i'm now guessing here, you are not setting the addressTypeId Variable correctly, or you are not setting it on the address list that feeds the table records.


Hi Christopher

Q1: Is the AdressTypeSelect combobox inside of the table record?

Q2: When you  click in the AdressTypeSelect combobox it has the value that you need?

If the awnser to both question, probably the issue is with the variable AddressTypeId because it seems to be  a screen variable and if it is insde of the table record you should be using the value from the tablerecord.

Just a guess, if this doesn't help you can you give more information.